Your purchase grants you a non-exclusive limited license. You have the right to use content as a decorative or illustrative material that is included as a part of your graphic design (rendered in traditional print media, vinyl film, sand blasted images, paint, embroidery, screen printing or tattooing) produced for you, your employer or your client, that is not for resale or distribution as art for reproduction or as any form of stock design. You may NOT use the images, in whole or part, for multiple resale in the form of stencils, stock proofs, engravings, film, printed (screen. offset or digital) decals, or any form of mass production or redistribution, without the express written consent of Brian S. Briskie / The purchase of this designware does not constitute in any way, nor transfer ownership or content rights, in whole or part, to you.

At, we take software piracy seriously. We have and will continue to cooperate fully with the FBI in successfully prosecuting those unscrupulous few who choose to llegally duplicate and redistribute our products.