About CCA

I’ll strive to create vectorized clip art images of the highest quality; by streamlining but never simplifying unique subject matter; and assembling those images in subject-specific collections that are concise, manageable and easy to access, manipulate, use and most importantly…own.

Brian “The Brush” Briskie, founder

You Gracious CCA Hosts:
Brian The Brush & Big Mike

And if CustomClipArt images look hand drawn…it’s because they are. We start every image with a real drawing, the old-fashioned way. We put pencil to paper, and ink to vellum before finally scanning that artwork and spending countless hours cleaning it up; minimizing nodes, straightening lines and justifying curves. We believe that artwork that starts in the computer, tends to end up looking like computer artwork.

Next, we bundle up those drawing into small, subject-specific collections. A dozen skulls, 16 eagles, 22 heating & cooling images…this makes it easy to find that perfect piece of clipart without wasting time going through page after page in a catalog or getting bad results from misinterpreted search engine results.

CustomClipArt is more than quality vectorized artwork. It’s humanized artwork. Made by humans for use by humans.